by Hybrid



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released April 16, 2013

Chus Maestro | Drums & Backing Vocals
Antonio Sánchez | Guitar & Sitar
Iván Durán | Guitar

+ Guitars recorded by Iván Durán at Fat Cat Studios (Vigo) in May 2011
+ Drums and vocals recorded by Pete Mendes and Daniel Cardoso at Ultrasound Studios (Portugal) in July 2011
+ Bass, keyboards and additionals vocals recorded by Óscar Martín at Fireflowers Studios (Madrid) in August 2011

+ Mixed and engineered by Carlos Santos at Sadman Studios (Madrid) in January 2012
+ Mastered by Alan Douches at WWSM (NY) in March 2012
+ Produced by Chus Maestro

+ Artwork by Erik Söderberg & Chus Maestro
+ Concept and lyrics by Chus Maestro
+ All music by Hybrid

Guest Musicians:

+ Alex Martín | vocals
+ Óscar Martín | bass, clean vocals, keyboards & programming
+ Eric Da Silva | spoken vocals
+ Carlos Sánchez | didgeridoo
+ Alex Díez | clarinet

Released by Deepsend records



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Hybrid Spain

HYBRID is an extreme and experimental metal band from Spain formed in 2004.

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Track Name: Flesh Fusion Threshold
Crawling down the valley of ashes
Carrying the cross of fate

The rain of light burned this garden, dry and grim
where dead birds lay rotten

The echoes of an empty town rumble near my empty shell
as threatening shadows suck me into the labyrinth of despair

But I keep crawling while the sun explodes over my head

As the sky gets dark so does my heart

Crawling down again

Because you have to know what I left behind

These eyes have seen
This heart once beat
Track Name: Enter The Void
Loneliness, not solitude

Nobody cares about you
It’s nothing personal
Nobody cares about nothing
Nobody cares about no one

An automatic, selfish existence
designed to pass by this life
without any meaning
without any purpose

Living out of habit
too busy with themselves
only moving forward
like a plague of locusts

Troubles have no face
No one will hold your hand


All your cries for help were useless
those final words have fallen upon deaf ears, right?
Your feelings, concerns and thoughts
buried with you

feeling like a child staring at a showcase
a showcase of life you will never taste

Isolated and alone
Track Name: Collapse To None
Why talk when words mean nothing?
Why talk when everything has been said?
Why talk then?

Prisoner of these prophetic visions
Enslaved and forsaken in this earthly hell

Dead to the world, forsaken

You followed me seeking glory
And now you bury your face in the wet mud
Tasting your own insanity

I will find the redemption through vengeance

I guided you to the darkest corner of your soul

Take a piece of me if you can look beyond my scars

Land of the blind

Because life is the prize for the pure at soul
And the truth comes with dark clouds

Land of the blind

Now let me vanish into the fog
Track Name: Self-Implosion
Down on my knees in front of a twisted reflection
Floating on the edge of the abyss once again

Where are the arms that used to hold me?
Where was the point of no return?

The space begins to withdraw into itself

I want to close my eyes, never coming back again,
I don´t belong here

Cold sweat, sleepless every night, blood injected eyes, existence is what I despise
Suffocation, burning from inside, bleakness
This gnawing inner state-of-being is all I am


Confined to this darkened cell
Staring at the void
Crushed by the weight of existence

Every night I fall with my exposed guts
Losing touch with this world

Despair begins once more

I cease to exist
If I could disappear

It’s a long way down to the vacuity

Where was the point of no return?
Track Name: Angst-Ridden Inertia
I’m shattered of walking alone
Feeling old and tired
I'm living without me

Darkness veils my way
Every night comes cold
I miss your warm company
Wracked by melancholy
Distance freezes me to death
Swallowing sadness
Dead Inside

I wonder if a memory is something you have
or something you have lost

Embrace emptiness
Behold loneliness

I barely remember the feeling of being in harmony

Those days are gone forever
Those days are gone with you
Track Name: Doomed To Failure
Life slips through our fingers
Mankind is a stumbling-stone

Consciousness is a terrible curse
Stuck in the decay
Of our modern society

Ignorance, all hope lost, dismal
Scum, parasites, all hope lost, exhale

Cotidie morimur, cotidie conmutamur et tamen aeternos
esse nos credimus