The 8th Plague

by Hybrid



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I. Ovum: Alienation (Tracks 1-3)
II. Larva: Narcotization (Tracks 4-5)
III. Chrysallis: Transformation (Track 6)
IV. Imago: Obliteration (Tracks 7-8)


released August 8, 2008

Chus Maestro | Drums & Backing Vocals
J. Oliver | Guitar & Backing Vocals
Migueloud | Guitar & Backing Vocals
Albano Fortes | Vocals
Kike | Bass

+ Recorded and mixed in june/july 2007 by Carlos Santos at Sadman Studio (Madrid)
+ Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music (NY)
+ Produced by Chus Maestro

+ Artwork by Seldon Hunt
+ Concept and lyrics by Chus Maestro, except “Sleep Of The Defeated” and “Sun Burnt” by Unai García
+ All music by J.Oliver, Chus Maestro and Migueloud

Guest Musicians:

+ Tenor sax on “Hundred Years Ocean” and “Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder” by Marcos Monge
+ Additional vocals on “Sun Burnt” and “Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder” by Phlegeton
+ Additional vocals on “Sleep Of The Defeated” and “The Omega Swarm” by Unai García
+ Additional vocals on “Hundred Years Ocean” and “Soul Prolapse” by Teto
+ Synth on “Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder” by Carlos Santos
+ Harsh noise outro on “Ashes Of Babylon” by Kränkeln

Released by Eyes Of Sound records



all rights reserved


Hybrid Spain

HYBRID is an extreme and experimental metal band from Spain formed in 2004.

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Track Name: Hundred Years Ocean
Alone in the middle of nowhere
Surrounded by a permanent void
Only accompanied by the thick fog of my memories
A burden in my head
And they make me sink in depths of this hundred years ocean
I try to swim but I drown
I try to fight but it is useless
I try to swim but I drown
I try to fight but it is useless
Drowned in my memories, killed by my demons
There is no place to hold on and to rest
My strength begin to fail
Hypothermia seizes my soul
And every time I feel further away from the surface
Surrounded by permanent and dark waters
Absorbed by a self-destructive spiral down to the abyss
Where the king of the depths rests
Hidden in the dark abyss
Ready to emerge and to announce the Armageddon
Track Name: Soul Prolapse
From nine to five
Drugged by your greed
Forced by the mass
Don’t ask, don’t questions
Walk together to the slaughter house
Disassembling human chain
Where they absorb your soul
And provide trioxin 245
Your dose of pleasure and greed,
supreme goal of your existence
So you can continue building the iron colossus
So you can continue building Babylon
So you can follow inside the gear
Where they convert you to mindless robots
Blinded by the needs of success and social prestige
To belong to a group, of being accepted
Unskilled workers handled by media
Programmed by the great screen
Cowardly pets of the system
Prophets of the mass doctrine
Herd of hedonists eating like rotten vultures
The meat sacrificed to the false idols
Without encouragement and feelings
Surrounded by the spiral routine
Heartless that crawl to the entropy
Track Name: Sleep Of The Defeated
Mass corruption brought final collapse
Manufactured live´ s spawn as lethal tactic of submission
Letting the low classes succumb to the spellbound
Brain washed society
Media´ s doctrine codified
A display of the present free world
Obliteration through squeezed wealth
Corporation´ s tentacles to search and destroy all reply
Cynic behaviour accepted by their economic needs
Shattered dream´ s conclusion as method of enslavement
All for the profit
Eating the food of the starved
Drinking the water of the thirsty
Desecrating the sleep of the defeated
All for the profit
Handle this turmoil
Mitigate this despondency
Answer back this oblivion
Counter clock wise action
This is not a struggle forlorn
Shall they taste their own abyss
Mind wasted humanity
Brain washed society
Track Name: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
If you could see with these eyes
If you could feel this impotence
You are nothing more than walking corpses
Destined to roam in this barren moor
Destroying all sign of creation
Envy corrodes your bones
Too much dose of reality you can’t face
Our existence is in crisis
Believing there is salvation left
Too much time watching and enduring
Your dehumanized and irrational society
You were never alive
We will never reach the self-actualization surrounded by straw dogs
Rage, impotence, anxiety and depression
But will not be the end, but the beginning of a new era
Track Name: Sun Burnt
So much light blinds us
Forever seeking the truth
Trying to reach the unreachable
Becoming our own gods
Gods of un-creation
Gods of chaos
We will never taste eternity
Through this obscure labyrinth of greed
So much void fills us
Forever hiding the false
Trying to believe the unbelievable
And as we taste Armageddon deep in our tongues
We realized we are finally damned
And as we watch our civilization succumb
We realized we are absolutely lost
Gods of un-creation
Gods of chaos
We are sun burnt
Ash to the pyre
We are sun burnt
Souls to the fire
Flesh to the flame
Let the flames of the universe banish the guilty!
Track Name: Cocoon/Metamorphosis/Eclosion

Too much time locked inside this cocoon
Built with repression, frustration and pain
Condemned to give birth to a monster
Fed with the hatred that generates your world of chaos
Isolated of your false idiosyncrasy
Weak and defenseless


But my cravings for revenge are stronger than pain
I will evolve to adapt me to the chaos and to bring the destruction back
Making me stronger and stronger
Change, pain, transformation


I have been chrysalised and awaiting for that moment
And now I am prepared to expand my wings
The cycle finishes and the end is close
Metamorphosis complete, culminated
My soul is made of quitina, hatred has made it unbreakable
My skin is an exoskeleton, hatred has made me unbreakable
Track Name: The Omega Swarm
The sky will open up
And the plague will spread in the four directions
Ending our dominion
Colonizing the enviroment
Devastating our world
Feeding its larvae with our flesh
We will become its parasites
And the sun will be darkened by the smoke and the ashes of destruction
Of those who ate the meat offered to the idols
Their scarlet skin will become blood and will turn into ashes
Your food, my power
Your water, my wisdom
Lords of the plague
Giving way to the elimination of our present order
By the supremacy of a new species
Monarchs of the new postapocalyptic era
Track Name: Ashes Of Babylon
Vaporous oceans, sulfur deserts
Under an eternal orange sun
Acid rain falls over sand rivers
And corrode the metallic debris
Of what used to be our civilization
There is no day, there is no night
Only miles of metallic waste
Only miles of destroyed highways
That grow towards nowhere
That grow towards the infinite
Time does not pass
An immense lifeless moor
Of destroyed structures
And rusty skeletons sunken in mud lakes
Clouds of ash cover the sky
And the smoke of their torment rises for ever and ever