Beyond Undeniable Entropy

by Hybrid



released January 6, 2006

Chus Maestro | Drums & Backing Vocals
J. Oliver | Guitar & Backing Vocals
Migueloud | Guitar & Backing Vocals
Unai García | Vocals
Kike | Bass

+ Recorded, mixed and mastered in june 2005 by Samuel Ruíz at VRS Studio (Madrid)
+ Produced by Hybrid

+ Artwork by Noise Armada
+ Lyrics by Unai García
+ All music by J.Oliver, Chus Maestro and Migueloud

Released by Deadwrong records



all rights reserved


Hybrid Spain

HYBRID is an extreme and experimental metal band from Spain formed in 2004.

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Track Name: Ave Phoenix
Blood, sweat & tears you never paid for
And a throne taken that was not won

My alienated reflection on the mirror
Shall become apocalyptic messiah of war

Disgrace is yours
Eat this cold plate and swallow deep
Until you get suffocated
Taste your own demise

I eat your tongues, throats and hearts for breakfast
Feeding a new monster you will fear

My soul always needed a bigger universe

Never before I realized I was the real virus
Shall the plague fall upon your heads
While you watch the sky burning for your sins

My heart beat has no signal

Time will judge us all
I take control once again
For you doom will reign
Inertia never more

Shall this serpent be your eternal failure
From the ashes I rise unbroken

This time is forever
Track Name: Sleep Of The Defeated
Mass corruption
brought final collapse

Manufactured live´ s spawn as lethal tactic of submission
Letting the low classes succumb
to the spellbound

Brain washed society
Media´ s doctrine codified
A display of the present free world

Obliteration through squeezed wealth
Corporation´ s tentacles to search and destroy all reply
Cynic behaviour accepted by their economic needs
Shattered dream´ s conclusion as method of enslavement
All for the profit

Eating the food of the starved
Drinking the water of the thirsty
Desecrating the sleep of the defeated
All for the profit

Handle this turmoil
Mitigate this despondency
Answer back this oblivion

Counter clock wise action
This is not a struggle forlorn
Shall they taste their own abyss

Mind wasted humanity
Brain washed society
Track Name: Sun Burnt
So much light blinds us
Forever seeking the truth
Trying to reach the
Becoming our own gods

Gods of un-creation
Gods of chaos

We will never taste eternity
Through this obscure labyrinth of greed

So much void fills us
Forever hiding the false
Trying to believe the unbelievable

And as we taste Armageddon deep in our tongues
We realized we are finally damned
And as we watch our civilization succumb
We realized we are absolutely lost

Gods of un-creation
Gods of chaos

We are sun burnt
We are burnt

We are sun burnt
Souls to the fire

We are sun burnt
Ash to the pyre

Flesh to the flame

Let the flames of the universe banish the guilty
Track Name: Insomnia
Walking down the line once again
Burning bridges but this time
is forever!!!

Giving another step

Over my own treads need to
Break this circle of involution
There is no rest There is no peace

There is no rest
There is no peace

I can feel void

Closing the gates of reality

Feeling hypnotized I crawl

Spirals of thoughts collapse
Fragments of life erased
Dissolution of realty as we know it

How could I wake up from this never dreamed nightmare?

Trying to recreate
My own self
In disguise

Autopilot state of inner confusion
Robotic impulse of self destruction
Stains of memories dissolved
Lost within myself

I can feel pain deep
Inside my mind

I became my own shadow
I face I am hybrid
Track Name: Growing Misanthropy
Selected greed injected

Nailed doom
Infected Damned gloom
Believed lie



This my nihilistic cult of negativity
Protected by this amulet of wisdom
I will proceed to (overthrow your plastic world)

Misanthropic powers enforced
This my antihuman antidote of ruination

Let the battle begin

Dread the wisdom of fear once again
This my apocalyptic drift of sin

Drastic forces inherited

Your despair – My demand
Your decease – My device

Hate Grind Kill

Consumed wrath replaced
Polluted distress corrected
Conformed thought neglected
Hypnotic numb rejected
Track Name: Throne Of The Necronaut
Soul devourment flesh distress
Disembowelment of all flesh

Synthesis of inner void
Genesis of pure grief

It’s time
To take
The throne
Of the

Scum from above