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Down on my knees in front of a twisted reflection
Floating on the edge of the abyss once again

Where are the arms that used to hold me?
Where was the point of no return?

The space begins to withdraw into itself

I want to close my eyes, never coming back again,
I don´t belong here

Cold sweat, sleepless every night, blood injected eyes, existence is what I despise
Suffocation, burning from inside, bleakness
This gnawing inner state-of-being is all I am


Confined to this darkened cell
Staring at the void
Crushed by the weight of existence

Every night I fall with my exposed guts
Losing touch with this world

Despair begins once more

I cease to exist
If I could disappear

It’s a long way down to the vacuity

Where was the point of no return?


from Angst, released April 16, 2013



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Hybrid Spain

HYBRID is an extreme and experimental metal band from Spain formed in 2004.

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